Project Objectives

In order to improve our understanding of the epidemiology and impact of liver disease and to enhance our ability to institute effective means of diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of liver disease at the population level, a well designed research infrastructure with adequate funding should be considered a critical success factor, additionally, an appropriate personnel with necessary qualification and expertise is the key ingredient to accomplish such objectives.

Although some of these pieces are already in place, continued commitment and support for all parties involved are necessary to move the field forward.

Results of such project will best inform policy-making decisions for formulating guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of liver disease, as well as resource allocation.

SOLID study network will bring together all participated medical centers with expertise in caring for patients with liver diseases to conduct research on hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Hepatocellular carcinoma, and Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases to establish a database of clinical information from a significant size of chronic liver disease population from across both participated countries so as to facilitate our research and to perform clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic trials and assessments for these important liver diseases.

The integrity of involved parties will, of course, yield a significant database, resulting in better understanding and informed judgments and decisions about the appropriate hepatic care and develop effective treatment strategies along with the currently available therapies to reduce disease related morbidity and mortality rates.